The Undemocratic Path Of EU Integration

4 thoughts on “The Undemocratic Path Of EU Integration”

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    Malcolm Cleverley says:

    Very succinctly put Dan. Factually based although I’m sure the ‘remainers’ will decry it as ‘factually incorrect’ which it quite obviously isn’t!
    This country desperately needs to free itself of Brussels and the most undemocratic political system which exists there.
    Britain is only alone in having had the referendum, I have two German sons who assure me that there is a huge groundswell of support for our Brexit mission. The Bundestag is under tremendous pressure from industrialists over the loss of their largest trading partner courtesy of Merkels and the pathetic refusal to negotiate the handling of a ‘deal’ by Brussels!! AfD are champing at the bit to change German Politics particularly where the EU is concerned!!
    Keep up the good work.
    Best regards

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    I Brand says:

    Thank you- saving this article

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    David Chapman says:

    We the many millions of free people in Great Britain and Europe stand with you!

    Liberty, democracy and freedom!


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    Richard Taylor says:

    A well researched expose of the current issues. Thank you.

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