Dan Liddicott for North West Leicestershire

I’m a Brexiteer, and have been since before the Referendum in 2016. Along with that I’m a libertarian. Everyone knows what a Brexiteer is, but not so many know what it means to be a libertarian. …civil rights, equality before the law, the right to

Can The Supreme Court Claim Impartiality?

Since the eleven Supreme Court Justices delivered their verdict against PM Boris Johnson there have, naturally, been many people questioning their impartiality. Not least because there was no dissension in the judgement at all – the decision was unanimous.  Such outcomes should be questioned and

The Undemocratic Path Of EU Integration

Have you ever considered that prior to the 2016 referendum the UK electorate were only ever consulted on remaining in a trading bloc called the European Communities? Even that nod to democracy was only offered after Ted Heath signed us up without asking first. The

To Speak? Or Not To Speak?

What value free speech? What value free thought? We all know people whose opinions we don’t like. For some it’s Corbyn, for some Boris, for others their neighbour, colleague, or person from a different part of town, or with a different religion, or no religion,

The Dissolution Of Parliament

A. V. Dicey (1835-1922), Whig jurist, constitutional theorist and one of the most notable scholars of our unwritten constitution wrote the following in his book – Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution:   “The discretionary power of the Crown occasionally may

If You Want To Breathe Plant Trees

Brazil’s annual burning seems to have made more headlines this year as  ‘prophets of doom’ try to spin it as something wildly unusual or especially frightening, from their climate change soap boxes. Brazil’s rainforests, they cry, are essential for the planet to reach it’s CO2

The Economics of Freedom

The China/Trump trade war must be considered in terms of authoritarianism vs. freedom and not economics only. There is a trade war being waged between China and the west, and it is a serious one with far reaching consequences. The west finds itself in this

Against More Top Down Policing

We’ve been promised the kind of police regime that has potential criminals in ‘terror’. It sounds nice, someone who might attack you, rob you, harm you, is too scared to do those things – what’s not to like? Right? I’m absolutely in favour of deterring

Libertarianism Is Voluntaryism

Libertarianism is voluntaryism. I wrote some time ago about my view that the success of libertarianism is rooted in individuals pro-actively following the golden rule – ‘to do unto others…’ – by refraining from using force against others but also voluntarily doing good for others. On