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Don’t Give Authoritarians Power

Authoritarian ideologies are afraid of free thought and free speech. Why? Thatcher gave the answer when she observed that socialists don’t like people to choose because they might not choose socialism. From one inherently authoritarian ideology to another, the Chinese have the same fear but

“Government cash” Is Taxpayer’s Cash

“Government cash” is taxpayer’s cash. The government doesn’t have any money of its own. The question I ask, whenever government spends some of ‘their’ cash (your cash), is: would I have chosen to contribute to this voluntarily? It’s a serious question. While millions are having

Superior, Sneering, Self-Hating Socialism

Orwell describes the modern ‘champagne socialist’ and central planner type to a tee… sounds a lot like the EU in places… “…Sometimes I look at a Socialist — the intellectual, tract-writing type of Socialist, with his pullover, his fuzzy hair, and his Marxian quotation —

Left or Right Wing Collectivism Is Incompatible With Liberty

There is little to choose between Marxists/Communists and Fascists. Both are left wing collectivist and socialist ideologies, both enforce them with aggression, the main difference appears to be who they selected as the bogeyman to unite people against. Fascism and Marxism/Communism are described as national

Time For The Family To Say No!

In his intervention around the recent Tory party conference Jacob Rees-Mogg observed that “…the ever-mighty State wants control – and the easiest way to get this is by not supporting the Family. That way it creates more dependence and therefore a greater ability to interfere in people’s

Je Suis Charlie Gard

Today I mourn with the parents of Charlie Gard. Who, along with whatever else they must have suffered in terms of fears and heartache for their son, had to duel the overreaching hand of the state interfering in their care plans for their poorly child.

The Dark-Side of Patriotism

Our response to patriotism has many potential pitfalls. On the one hand we are expected to stand resolute, hand on heart and sing the national anthem or be branded a pariah Jeremy Corbyn style. On the other hand displays of patriotism attract anything from patronising ‘little England’ criticism,