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Libertarianism Is Voluntaryism

Libertarianism is voluntaryism. I wrote some time ago about my view that the success of libertarianism is rooted in individuals pro-actively following the golden rule – ‘to do unto others…’ – by refraining from using force against others but also voluntarily doing good for others. On

Communist-lite Socialists At Home Make Us Weak

The socialistic ‘make Britain weak again’ crowd are the useful fools, softening us up with their communist-lite policies, preparing us for what the full-fat communists really want to throw at us. The cold war may be over, but the ideological hostility never ended. We see

Forced Labour In Venezuela

Venezuelan socialism, once praised by Corbyn and Abbott, now turns to forced labour for food production. Why does socialism always fail so spectacularly? Two main reasons I will mention here: 1) It centralises too much power in the hands of a few who are either

Superior, Sneering, Self-Hating Socialism

Orwell describes the modern ‘champagne socialist’ and central planner type to a tee… sounds a lot like the EU in places… “…Sometimes I look at a Socialist — the intellectual, tract-writing type of Socialist, with his pullover, his fuzzy hair, and his Marxian quotation —

Left or Right Wing Collectivism Is Incompatible With Liberty

There is little to choose between Marxists/Communists and Fascists. Both are left wing collectivist and socialist ideologies, both enforce them with aggression, the main difference appears to be who they selected as the bogeyman to unite people against. Fascism and Marxism/Communism are described as national

Pushing Back Against Cultural Marxism

It has been said that those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. While this is true of so many things, the cultural marxist revolution we are now experiencing is perhaps the most insidious of them. One of the most infamous movements of

You’re Not Thinking of Capitalism At All

Let’s make one thing absolutely clear. In capitalism working people exchange money for value. They pay for goods or labour and get value in return. In socialist redistribution working people have their money taken from them by state force and that money is exchanged for…

The Misdirection of EU Re-negotiation

What is the most plausible explanation for each administration basically continuing the same underlying theme regarding the EU, regardless of party? The current offer of a referendum by 2017 represents a ‘forced hand’ in response to the rising popularity of UKIP — Cameron’s show of