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Crisis Management

This delay to democracy is a stark reminder of our responsibility, as voters, to hold those elected to account not only at the ballot box, but throughout their terms of office.

On How Our Leaders Are Selected

It’s true that Boris has become the PM on the say so of just 0.13% of the population – 92,153 Tory party members, in fact. Though this is about 2-3 times the number of votes most MPs can hope for in a general election, for

Prorogue For The People

The people have spoken. What we need is someone in Downing Street willing to finally Brexit. Revelations in recent days suggest that regardless the line Theresa May was spinning the British public, she’d made no real attempt to leverage the possibility of ‘no-deal’ in the

The Tightest Presidential Race That Never Happened

The tightest Presidential race that never happened just elected the first woman President of the EU Commission. Don’t remember getting a ballot paper? Me neither. Even so it was a close race with the winner scraping in with just 9 votes in it. Wow! So