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Dan Liddicott for North West Leicestershire

I’m a Brexiteer, and have been since before the Referendum in 2016. Along with that I’m a libertarian. Everyone knows what a Brexiteer is, but not so many know what it means to be a libertarian. …civil rights, equality before the law, the right to

Free Marketers Are Not Left or Right

“Boris Johnson has signalled his ruthless determination to deliver Brexit and stoked speculation about an early general election by sacking more than half of Theresa May’s cabinet and packing his team with Vote Leave veterans and rightwing free marketers.” So says the Guardian. But what

Libertarians: The Only Adults In The Room

Before Christmas I had the pleasure of travelling to Manchester to meet Jim Lark, former US Libertarian Party National Chairman and current member of the Party’s National Committee. It was a pleasant round table chat, sponsored by our Young Libertarians led by Harley Dalton. A mix

Moral Authority in Libertarianism

The seed of future libertarian success is moral authority. Here’s why: A free people will choose their own path and not automatically trust anyone simply because they wave a flag or wear a uniform. Those impatient to make what they see are important changes – dare

I Don’t Like Authoritarians

I don’t like authoritarians. Perhaps that’s the wrong way to say it. I dislike it when people behave as authoritarians – better – it’s a choice they make after all. Here’s the scoop. There are people who just can’t seem to help wanting to run

Only The Libertarian Party Will Break The Mould Of UK Politics

A recent article posed the question “Is the British political landscape ripe for a new centre party?” Alan Lockey, head of modern economy at Demos, argued that the time was right for a new centrist party, but it was Conservative commentator, Alex Deane, arguing against the