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Not Guilty! Darren Grimes Wins Appeal

Not Guilty! One has to wonder what degree of vicious vindictiveness drives the state to spend half a million pounds prosecuting a young man for ticking the wrong box on paperwork. Of course we suspect it’s simply because he campaigned for Brexit, and the establishment

When Does ‘Peaceful Protest’ Cross The Line?

The right to peaceful protest in the UK has been guaranteed for many many years, and is an essential freedom. But at what point does ‘peaceful protest’ begin to infringe on other people’s rights, to travel or to go about their own peaceful business? And

Abolish Category of ‘Hate Crime’

South Yorkshire Police used Twitter to urge members of the public to “…please report non-crime hate incidents, which can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing…” In response, Dan Liddicott, Libertarian Party Home Affairs Spokesman, repeated his call to

Back To Basics Policing

Libertarian Party Home Affairs Spokesman, Dan Liddicott, has called for the category of hate crime “to be abolished” and for a “back to basics” approach to policing, as vital police resources are misdirected from tackling real crime to recording incidents which are not crimes. “Police

Thoughts And Feelings Are Not Crimes

Dan Liddicott, Libertarian Party Home Policy Spokesman, agreed with Chief Constable Sara Thornton when she raised the thorny issue of hate crime and urged police to focus on burglaries and violence ahead of recording incidents that are not crimes. Dan Liddicott, Libertarian Party Home Policy