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To Speak? Or Not To Speak?

What value free speech? What value free thought? We all know people whose opinions we don’t like. For some it’s Corbyn, for some Boris, for others their neighbour, colleague, or person from a different part of town, or with a different religion, or no religion,

When Does ‘Peaceful Protest’ Cross The Line?

The right to peaceful protest in the UK has been guaranteed for many many years, and is an essential freedom. But at what point does ‘peaceful protest’ begin to infringe on other people’s rights, to travel or to go about their own peaceful business? And

Perversion of Forced Consent

Prof. Jordan Peterson shot to fame when he refused to accept rules that dictated the words a person must speak. It’s not that he would not choose to use the words demanded of his own volition, but rather that a person should not be coerced

Disagreement Is A Sign Of A Free Society

Have you noticed, that as soon as the establishment begins to lose its grip on the direction of public opinion, it calls any discussion of things it disagrees with ‘divisive’. In normal parlance this means ‘tending to cause disagreement or division’, to the establishment, unsurprisingly,

Pushing Back Against Cultural Marxism

It has been said that those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. While this is true of so many things, the cultural marxist revolution we are now experiencing is perhaps the most insidious of them. One of the most infamous movements of

80% of British Universities Fail Free Speech Test

Since Brendan O’Neill’s pointed essay “Free speech is so last century. Today’s students want the ‘right to be comfortable’” last November, I’ve been more aware of how conformist today’s student really can be when it comes to the party line handed down from above. I