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The Economics of Freedom

The China/Trump trade war must be considered in terms of authoritarianism vs. freedom and not economics only. There is a trade war being waged between China and the west, and it is a serious one with far reaching consequences. The west finds itself in this

Against More Top Down Policing

We’ve been promised the kind of police regime that has potential criminals in ‘terror’. It sounds nice, someone who might attack you, rob you, harm you, is too scared to do those things – what’s not to like? Right? I’m absolutely in favour of deterring

Free Marketers Are Not Left or Right

“Boris Johnson has signalled his ruthless determination to deliver Brexit and stoked speculation about an early general election by sacking more than half of Theresa May’s cabinet and packing his team with Vote Leave veterans and rightwing free marketers.” So says the Guardian. But what

Forced Labour In Venezuela

Venezuelan socialism, once praised by Corbyn and Abbott, now turns to forced labour for food production. Why does socialism always fail so spectacularly? Two main reasons I will mention here: 1) It centralises too much power in the hands of a few who are either

The Tightest Presidential Race That Never Happened

The tightest Presidential race that never happened just elected the first woman President of the EU Commission. Don’t remember getting a ballot paper? Me neither. Even so it was a close race with the winner scraping in with just 9 votes in it. Wow! So

Don’t Give Authoritarians Power

Authoritarian ideologies are afraid of free thought and free speech. Why? Thatcher gave the answer when she observed that socialists don’t like people to choose because they might not choose socialism. From one inherently authoritarian ideology to another, the Chinese have the same fear but

Perversion of Forced Consent

Prof. Jordan Peterson shot to fame when he refused to accept rules that dictated the words a person must speak. It’s not that he would not choose to use the words demanded of his own volition, but rather that a person should not be coerced

Rule Of Law Is Not Enough

On BBC R4 “Today”, Victor Gao, Vice President of the Centre for China and Globalization in Beijing, repeatedly insisted that “rule of law” was the prime directive and therefore the protesters in Hong Kong should be condemned by the international community. There was some push

I Don’t Like Authoritarians

I don’t like authoritarians. Perhaps that’s the wrong way to say it. I dislike it when people behave as authoritarians – better – it’s a choice they make after all. Here’s the scoop. There are people who just can’t seem to help wanting to run

Superior, Sneering, Self-Hating Socialism

Orwell describes the modern ‘champagne socialist’ and central planner type to a tee… sounds a lot like the EU in places… “…Sometimes I look at a Socialist — the intellectual, tract-writing type of Socialist, with his pullover, his fuzzy hair, and his Marxian quotation —