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Communist-lite Socialists At Home Make Us Weak

The socialistic ‘make Britain weak again’ crowd are the useful fools, softening us up with their communist-lite policies, preparing us for what the full-fat communists really want to throw at us. The cold war may be over, but the ideological hostility never ended. We see

Free Marketers Are Not Left or Right

“Boris Johnson has signalled his ruthless determination to deliver Brexit and stoked speculation about an early general election by sacking more than half of Theresa May’s cabinet and packing his team with Vote Leave veterans and rightwing free marketers.” So says the Guardian. But what

On How Our Leaders Are Selected

It’s true that Boris has become the PM on the say so of just 0.13% of the population – 92,153 Tory party members, in fact. Though this is about 2-3 times the number of votes most MPs can hope for in a general election, for

Forced Labour In Venezuela

Venezuelan socialism, once praised by Corbyn and Abbott, now turns to forced labour for food production. Why does socialism always fail so spectacularly? Two main reasons I will mention here: 1) It centralises too much power in the hands of a few who are either

Not Guilty! Darren Grimes Wins Appeal

Not Guilty! One has to wonder what degree of vicious vindictiveness drives the state to spend half a million pounds prosecuting a young man for ticking the wrong box on paperwork. Of course we suspect it’s simply because he campaigned for Brexit, and the establishment

Britbox And The TV Tax

The launch of Brit Box will begin the unraveling of BBC license based funding. Many are asking the question: ‘hang on, if I already paid my license, why am I being charged to watch BBC programmes again?’ And its a fair point. As the scab

Prorogue For The People

The people have spoken. What we need is someone in Downing Street willing to finally Brexit. Revelations in recent days suggest that regardless the line Theresa May was spinning the British public, she’d made no real attempt to leverage the possibility of ‘no-deal’ in the